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Seeing Machines

A person's face and eyes are windows to the soul. Reading them together in real time can be incredibly helpful in developing an understanding of someone's identity, emotion, health, intention or actions. All of these things are key contributors to a person's ability to perform the immediate tasks at hand.

Seeing Machines

A World First Technology

For over 15 years, Seeing Machines has been developing technologies focused on understanding a user’s facial characteristics in order to give machines a higher level of intelligence. With the arrival of ever more powerful and lower cost computer processing, mobile connectivity and the sophistication of sensors, machines are now able to interact with humans far more naturally than ever before. We are now leading the development of technologies that provide machines with a better understanding of dynamically changing world around them and how to empathetic towards the physiology and psychology of the person that is operating or interacting with them.


Head Tracking

Head tracking provides precise detection and measurement of the frontal area and sides of a subject’s face and head in real time.

The fully automatic, camera-based technology of Seeing Machines returns a comprehensive model of the face that includes the coordinates of all facial features, their current state and their rate of change.

This includes a very accurate measure of blink rate and eyelid aperture

Eye Gaze Tracking

Eye gaze tracking is the measurement of where a person is looking. By directing a safe invisible light source at the subject’s eye and then using a special camera to track the glint, we can interpret precisely where or what the subject is looking at.

When we combine this information with a precise understanding of the read world environment  (such as the cabin of a car or cockpit of an airplane) gaze tracking can be used in real-time to help assess exactly how the subject is processing their visual surroundings.

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